Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Title: Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Author: TLynn
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Rating: NC-17
Classification: MSR, PWP
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Author’s Note: I don’t know if any of you are aware, but us Californians are currently being hit with a cold front. I know our cold isn’t nearly as cold as others’, but it’s a mere 43 degrees as I’m typing this and I’m absolutely *freezing*! So, unable to concentrate on the other story I’m writing, this was just a little something to warm me up. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you. 😉

* * *

Smethport, Pennsylvania, USA
Smethport Motel

She opens the bathroom door to see him kicking the heater.

“Mulder, what are you doing?”

“It’s broken,” he states, his back toward her.

“I doubt your foot is helping the situation,” she says dryly, pulling the towel off her head. “Let’s just use the other room. The Bureau pays for both, so we might as well use it.”

“I called the front desk,” he says, bending over to peer at something on the control panel of the unit. “It seems every heater in every room is on the fritz.”

“What timing. It’s supposed to be near freezing temperatures tonight.”

“You’re telling me,” he says, now using his fist to pound lightly on the unresponsive machine. “Leave it to the government to put their employees up in a shithole with no heat in the dead of winter.”

“Take a hot shower,” she offers. “You might want to wait a few minutes to let the hot water build up again, though.”

“Yeah,” he mutters in agreement, giving the box one last boot. “I suppose–”

He stops short and sucks in a breath when he turns and sees her. She stands framed by the doorway, the last remnants of steam rising into the air around her. Her hair is wet and clings to the sides of her face and curve of her neck. Her cheeks and chest are pink from the heat and she wears nothing but a thin white towel wrapped around her body. The less-than-luxurious material hugs her body tight and leaves no room for imagination about the curves that reside just beneath it. He feels his cock twitch.

“Jesus, Scully…”

She smiles freely at his reaction. Their relationship, while not brand new anymore, is certainly in the “honeymoon phase” still and it delights and excites her to see this side of him. It really wasn’t all that long ago that she could only fantasize about seeing that look on his face and now here he was, in the flesh, ready, willing, and able to fuck her senseless. And she is more than ready, willing, and able to let him.

“See something you like?” she teases, reaching a hand up to loosen the cloth that shielded

He is across the room and around her in an instant, causing her to gasp in surprise. The chill of his clothing and cool of his skin is a shock to her own and she feels goosebumps erupt over her body, his, by contrast, melting easily into the warmth of her. His mouth seeks hers greedily, his tongue pushing past her parted lips to taste her, to devour her. She yields to him completely, her body bent back at the waist beneath him as he takes what he wants. She feels a surge travel through her, quickly reaching the apex of her thighs and deep into her groin. She moans into him and locks her arms around his neck, pulling him harder into her. He reaches around to pull her towel off from behind and grabs handfuls of her revealed flesh, shifting their bodies together until her back is flat against the nearby wall.

Their mouths part, each gasping for air. But his want surges as he watches her head fall gently back, eyes closed and chest heaving against his with each breath, lips swollen from his onslaught. He quickly leans in and latches onto her neck, sucking and licking at the skin, his tongue rolling over her carotid artery as she stretches to give him more access. He feels her quickened pulse and groans against her, his hips pressing into her insistently. She lifts her left leg and hooks it around his right, gasping at the sudden contact against her exposed center. He bucks against her in response, his head at her shoulder now, nipping at the skin there with his teeth. Her hands, up until now idle around his waist, move up the length of his back, pushing the white cotton of his t-shirt with them. He lifts his arms up and over, his fingers grazing hers and he grabs the garment and sheds it off. He looks down, feeling her breasts bare against him now, her tightly drawn nipples grazing against his heated skin. He feels his cock throbbing now, pushing against the zipper of his jeans, even as her leg falls down to the floor again, trembling with her need.
It visibly takes all his control to keep from tearing the denim free and pounding into her against the wall.

She hums at his yearning and moves an arm up to his head, pulling him into a wanting, but less urgent kiss. She places her other hand on his chest, pushing him, guiding him back until his knees hit the bed and he falls to sit before her. He leans back, using his elbows as support, and lets his eyes trail languidly down the length of her nude body above him. She relishes the way he looks at her, claims her and charts her with his focus. She shivers and he smiles.

“Scoot back,” she says.

He obliges willingly, lifting one foot and then the other to push himself back against the headboard. She crawls after him and settles at his feet, rising to sit on her knees. His eyes catch hers now, his gaze unyielding, as she takes one of his shoes off, then the other. Her fingers fumble with his socks, but they are soon cast aside, as well. She tugs on the hem of his trousers, signaling for his participation. He understands immediately and moves his hands to unbutton and unzip himself. He hooks his thumbs in the elastic of his boxers and lifts his hips, pulling the obstructive materials down and over them until his dick springs free. She feels a rush of wet between her legs at the sight of him and makes quick work of pulling the rest of his clothing off his body. Their ragged breaths fill the room and the cool air, once offending, is now inconsequential.

She sinks back down to all fours, crawling above his outstretched slowly, but with purpose. He puffs at the sight of her inching towards him, her tongue darting out to wet her lips. He knows her intention and feels his moisture leak from the tip of his ready cock. He’s likely to explode in her face if she comes any closer.

“Wait,” he grunts, his arms tense and hands flat on the bed as he tries regain some control.

She smiles wantonly, knowing his current discomfort will result on their mutual gratification. She moves up still, bypassing her original destination, to straddle him, thighs parted in eagerness. One hand comes up to rest on his shoulder as the other reaches down and gently encircles the length of his shaft. He hisses loudly, eyes squeezed shut and head thrown back, and thrusts his hips up against her. The movement causes the knuckles of her fist around him to graze against her opening. The bundle of nerves just above had already reached a heightened state of awareness, but now all bets are off and she throws her head back as orgasm threatens to tear through her. She lifts her head up to meet his strained stare.

“Now,” he says, his head bobbing up and down in a vague nod, as if to reinforce his words. “Please…”

She readily complies, guiding him into her gently, the slick of their combined arousal more than enough to allow for an easy union. They groan simultaneously at the sensation. His hands firmly latch onto the curve of her hips, encouraging her to start her movement immediately. She starts slow, using his shoulders as leverage with which to push from. His head falls forward against her, his mouth against the valley between her breasts, letting her skin engulf him with each rise of her body. He can already feel his orgasm starting as his senses overload with the feel, smell, taste, sound, and sight of her.

“Close,” he manages to say, teeth clenched.

He moves one hand down to where they are joined, his thumb seeking and finding her swollen clit. He pushes in time with her strokes up and within seconds she comes undone above him. He feels her muscles clench around him, milking him, encouraging him further along in his own release. Her body slows, shuddering and slick with perspiration, her eyelids heavy as she comes down from her high.

He can’t help the movement of his hips under her. He thrusts up, his baser instincts taking over and demanding their own needs and she snaps back from her euphoria. She moves her hands up and hooks her fingers around the top of the headboard on either side of his head, the solidity allowing her pace to increase. His hands snake up and hook around her shoulders, pushing her down to engulf him even further with each advance. One, two, three more strokes of her body against him and he feels his orgasm rip through him violently, his grip crushing her against him as he calls out her name. They slump down together, his hips still moving involuntarily against her as he rides it out, until finally they come to a finish, legs and arms entangled atop the bed.

Her heart pounds furiously against her chest. She reaches over and places her hand to feel his beat in time with hers. He covers her hand with his own, stroking it gently and brings it up to his mouth. Eyes lidded with fatigue, he kisses her palm softly. She shifts until her she’s level with him, pushing her mouth to edge out her hand for the place on his lips. She kisses him solidly, forcing his mouth open slightly for the chance to taste him again, to inhale and breathe him in.

It doesn’t take long for a chill to shoot through them as the cold outside breaks through their delirium and the matter of a broken heating unit once again forces its way into their consciousness.

“It’s cold,” she states.

“Yes,” he agrees.

He pulls the covers as best he can around them, but they’re thin and worn and provide little relief against the cold. She starts to shiver next to him.

“What time are we meeting up with the local field agents?” he asks.


“At the graveyard?”

“No, at the ritual site.”

He shivers. He rubs his hands up and down her arms for warmth, the friction a very temporary relief.

“Well,” he says, sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed to sit. “I’m not going to get any sleep with you naked and freezing next to me.”

“What are you suggesting?” she asks, her eyes narrowing.

He grins.

“C’mon, Agent Scully,” he says grasping onto her hand and pulling her up toward the bathroom. “I think you need another shower.”