I Ache

Title: I Ache
Author: TLynn
Rating: PG
Category: V, A, MSR
Keywords: MSR, Mulder’s POV
Spoilers: NIHT
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No betas on this one other than yours truly, so any mistakes are all my own. I know my Beta Force Five is still out there, though, and hopefully still willing to act as such when the time comes that I really need them again!

More author’s notes at end…

* * * *

It’s not fair.

There was a time I lived my life in such a way as to never need anyone else. I was self-sufficient and resolute, focused on and consumed by one thing and one thing only. Little did I know that the search for my sister would lead me to a love that I never dreamed I would be a part of.

And I have to leave her.

I watch her now, sleeping in her bed – *our* bed for the last two days. My heart is so full, my chest aches and I feel tears threatening to cascade down my mournful face. And I am powerless to do anything to remedy it.

So hand clutched over my heart, I go to prepare my bags before she wakes. For if I waited any longer, I would find myself beside her once again, wrapped in her warmth and refusing to let go.

It’s simply not fair.

* * * *

As I sat here, lurking on my beloved IWTB and reading the new string of 155-word fics, I became inspired. It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face, so to speak, so if you missed me at all, please know that I will be easing my way back into writing again, starting with the above. Hope you enjoyed…