Night Ritual

Title: Night Ritual
Author: TLynn
Keywords: Sc/K (w/ hints of M/Sc/K), Krycek POV
Spoilers: “Duane Barry” and “Ascension”. I see this taking place during Season 2, after said episodes and before the events of “The Blessing Way”.
Rating: NC-17
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Note: Written to fill my punishment requirements for double-posting on IWTB. Hope you like, my listmates! This is my first attempt at anything but MSR…

* * * *

It should never have happened. I know it. She knows it. But it doesn’t stop it from happening. It had been building since the first time we met. And, looking back, I am certain that the sheer relief of her return, on both if our parts, was the only reason we gave in to it.

It started just a few months ago, the result of a late night visit on my part. It was the first time we had seen each other since her abduction. Mulder was out of town; information needed to be conveyed. It should have been simple: I tell her what I know, she threatens and accuses me, I patronize her, she points her gun at my head.

But Dana Scully wanted more that night and I couldn’t refuse her. I would have staked my life on the assumption that she was fucking her partner, but she assured me that she wasn’t.

Stupid bastard.

And now, here I am, calling her once again. She never calls me. She just says “yes” or “no” when she hears me on the other end of the line.

And she doesn’t say no very often.

* * * *

Her front door is open just a crack, my silent invitation to enter. It’s late, after 2 AM, but I think her years as Mulder’s partner have turned her into an insomniac as well. I slip inside, close the door, and lock it, my cock straining against my jeans a little more with each simple action.

Suddenly, I feel her hands on my back and I jump slightly at her presence. Her touch is soft, but her actions are determined as she reaches around and begins to pull my jacket off me. I stand with my back to her still as she removes the leather shield. She is silent behind me, but I can feel her, standing there, taking me in.

We never speak. She whimpers when I taste her, I groan when I fuck her. But words are never exchanged. Fine by me.

Her small hands are on me again and my heart beats hard against my chest. She slips her fingers beneath my t-shirt and rakes her nails up the skin of my back. Up and down, over and over, then with the last stroke up, she brings my shirt with her. She’s too small to remove it from my body herself, so I reach back and pull it up and off.

I swear I hear her growl.

Taking it as my cue, I turn and face her finally, my own breath caught in my throat as my eyes lay upon her. She’s simply stunning before me, clad in a simple black tank top and white panties, her hair piled messily on top of her head and her feet bare. Her blue eyes shine, even in the near darkness and silently communicate with mine, commanding me so easily.

My fingers are quick to unzip my pants, even as I watch her remove her shirt. I slide my jeans and underwear down in one motion, springing my erect cock free. She looks down at me, her delectable breasts heaving as she breathes in and out, and licks her lips. She’s the most erotic being I have ever seen in my life and my desire to taste her mouth overwhelms me to dizziness. I lunge for her, devouring her with my lips as soon as they touch her. My momentum knocks us around back into the room several more feet, but we remain on our feet, my tongue wrapping itself around hers with ardent enthusiasm. My hands knead her breast roughly and my hips move against her, grinding my cock into her bare stomach. She tears her mouth from mine and looks down, once again licking her lips.

I simply stare straight ahead, now facing her front door, as she sinks to her knees. I can’t suppress the throaty groan that escapes me as her hot little lips make contact with my strained flesh. She takes me into her mouth fully, easily almost, and I find that my knees go weak with pleasure. I can’t help but grab onto her head as it bobs up and down, my fingers reveling in the feel of her soft, red locks. Her head moves leisurely at first, then hurried, pressure from her lips alternating. She is exquisite in her technique; I can’t help but thrust my hips into her.

I’m so wrapped up in fucking her face that I almost don’t see the lock turn and doorknob turn. Almost.

I’m frozen as I see the door open, and my mouth falls open as I lock eyes with him. He stops short, eyes wide in what can only be described as horror. I’ve never seen him so ready for blood. And what’s even more amazing is that he’s looking down at her, still busy at work on me, with such fury.

He must have sensed that I was feeling left out because his head snaps up and he fixes his hard glare on me, his normally hazel eyes burning inside their sockets. I’m so taken back by it, in fact, that I stumble back slightly and free my cock from her mouth with a soft pop.

I look down at her with a panic, but as I take in her lidded eyes and flushed cheeks, I realize that she doesn’t know he’s watching. She rises again and reaches for her panties, bending down as she slides them down her legs and off of her body.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck do I do?

I look past her, expecting Mulder to be rushing towards me with his gun poised. I am dumbfounded, however, when I see nothing of the sort. He’s just watching her, his eyes trained on her bare ass as she bends down to remove her last bit of clothing.

I break out into a full smile when I see his hand reach for his crotch. All bets are off now.

I turn my attention back to the redhead whose body is begging to be fucked. I grab her and pull her to me, my hand immediately going down to find her hot mound as my mouth devours her again. She gasps against me as I plunge two fingers inside her, and I can’t help but look up to him again.

He’s leaning heavily against the doorjamb, the door still wide open. His eyes dart back and forth between us and he’s stroking himself hard, causing an impressive bulge to form beneath his pants.

I still my hand at her center and wrap my other arm around her body and lower us both to the ground. Perhaps the bed, or even the couch, would serve us better, but I can’t interrupt the show now. Besides, she’s not complaining. She opens her legs wantonly and wraps them immediately around my waist, urging me inside her. I plant my palms on the floor on either side of her head, holding myself over her, and guide myself into her warm and inviting body.

It’s a damn good thing she moaned as I did. My eyes caught our voyeur in a gasp and it surely would have been heard. I know he wanted to be the one to be sliding into her, fucking her senseless, and it only fueled my desire to do so. I’m not gentle. But then again, it’s not often that I am. One thing I’ve learned about Dana Scully is that she likes it rough.

I pound into her repeatedly and she takes it willingly, meeting my thrusts with her own as much as she can. Her tiny body is jostled considerably by my movements; her moans flow out jagged and erratic. I’m so close to exploding inside her already, so I fall down to my elbows, allowing one hand to reach down to where we are joined. I lift my head and watch him again, knowing this is the main event. My fingers find her swollen clit with ease and I stroke it furiously. She arches into me to force even more contact and I know she’s close. Mulder’s brow is slick with perspiration; it’s painfully obvious that he’s just as hard as I am right now, but still locked away in denim. With a few more rubs and a light flick, I send her into climax and a long, loud moan escapes from her open mouth. With a few more deep drives into her, I am coming as well, my fingers still riding out her orgasm with her.

My fallen head rises to him and I meet his eyes once again. Their harshness has disappeared and are fixed not on her, but on me. A shiver travels through my body at his gaze. What perplexes me is that it is not a shiver of fear.

She stirs beneath me and I turn my attention to her spent form, eyes closed and mouth upturned into the slightest of smiles. I lean down and run my tongue lightly over that smile, then move to rise on shaky legs. I notice immediately that he is gone, the door shut and even locked again as if he were never there. For a split second I wonder if I had imagined him there, but quickly dismiss the thought. The look he gave me could not have been imagined.

She remains on the floor as I dress again, moving onto her side and watching me silently. If she has any idea that Mulder was watching, she still gives no sign. I was clothed again quickly and have just reached the door when she speaks.

“What’s wrong, Alex?”

I don’t think she has ever called me by my first name and I find that it startles me. I just shake my head at her and start to leave again.

“I told him to come. He didn’t believe me.”

My breath catches in my throat and my heart beats hard in my chest. I know what I want to say; I just can’t seem to form the words. But I don’t have to.

“He’ll be here again next time,” she says.

I nod, relieved that she didn’t make me ask, and finally get the door open. I escape quickly and make my way out and into the cool night air. My breath fogs in the air and I nestle my hands deep into my pockets for warmth and briskly widen the distance between her building and myself.

Next time can’t come soon enough.