Passing Notes

Title: Passing Notes
Author: TLynn
Keywords: MSR, PWP
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: These stories I write are just little scripts for my action figures, nothing more. The real Mulder and Scully belong to CC, 1013, David, and Gillian.
Thanks: To my beta on this one — Char, I love ya with all my heart. Author’s notes: This is my “punishment fic” for IWTB — it exceeds 100 lines, but no one minds, do they? 😉

* * * *

‘I don’t know about you, Scully, but I’m sweating in places I didn’t even know existed on my body.’

Scully snorted softly at the note Mulder just handed her, the words scrawled in the margin of one of the handouts they had received at the start of the day’s meeting. She pulled out a pen and played along, but not before scanning around to make sure no one was watching. Dana Scully wasn’t about to get caught passing notes in class.

‘The AC must be broken. Makes you wonder where the taxpayers’ money goes when we feds can’t even get air conditioning. What time does this thing end again?’

She skillfully slid the paper to Mulder’s lap without much movement, her head forward with a look of mock-concentration on her face. She watched out of the corner of her eye as he scribbled more words and smiled slightly at the situation.

‘I think we’re stuck in some sort of time-space warp because according to my watch, we’ve got several hours still. But I could swear we’ve been here for days already. It’s an X-File and we should investigate. Let’s go.’

Scully sighed at the thought, the brief image of her and Mulder bounding out of the building and skipping down the sidewalk depressing her even more.

‘You know we can’t leave. We’d never get past Skinner.’

Walter was seated just three chairs away from the agents, a no-nonsense expression on his face.

‘C’mon, Scully. We could go get something cool to drink, get out of these suits, take a cool shower.’

Her eyes bulged out of her head as she read his words and she silently thanked God for optic nerves. If it weren’t for those little buggers anchoring her eyeballs in her head, they’d surely be rolling around on the floor. She quickly wrote back, not noticing that A.D. Skinner was looking their way.

‘What?! What are you suggesting Agent Mulder? That we go get naked and take a shower together??’

Now it was his turn to thank the powers that be for the anatomy of the eyeball. He didn’t notice Skinner’s scrutinizing stare, either, as he wrote furiously.

‘Of course not, Agent Scully. I merely suggested that we each go home and each take cool, SEPARATE showers at those homes. Why, Scully? You interested in taking a shower with me?’

He waggled his eyebrows at her as he handed her the paper, their conversation now leaking onto the backside of the paper. She squinted at him in irritation. However, the next words she wrote didn’t support that irritation. She decided to blame the heat for her sudden irrationality.

‘Ever since the first day I met you, Mulder.’

Scully would have given her right AND left arms to have had a camera with her; the look on Mulder’s face was priceless beyond compare.

‘Don’t screw with me, Scully.’

‘But I thought that’s what you wanted.’

It was safe to say that a whole new type of sweat had broken out on Mulder’s forehead. He even pinched himself on the leg to make sure he wasn’t dreaming this whole thing up.


He started to write something noble and dignified about how he didn’t really mean any of what he said and he wouldn’t dream of offending her in any way, when she snatched the paper out of his hand, scrawled just a few words, and practically threw it back at him.

‘You. Me. My place. Now.’

Eyes ever wide, Mulder looked up and into her eyes.

“Are you sure?” he whispered to her.

“Yes,” she said. “Finally.”

There aren’t any words in the English language to describe just how quickly they rose from their seats, grabbed their things, and headed for the back door. And just as fast as they started, stopped in their tracks when they saw that Skinner was now guarding that same door.

“No way, Agents,” Skinner growled. “Turn around and sit back down.”

“But, sir-”

“Not this time, Mulder,” Walter stopped him.

“Sir,” Scully leaned in a little closer. “I’m just not feeling well and Agent Mulder offered to drive me home.”

Skinner eyed her for a few full seconds.

“Unless you are at death’s door, Agent Scully, you and Agent Mulder will have to sit and endure the rest of this meeting along with all of the others.”

“I understand the importance of the day’s meeting, Sir, but I wouldn’t just get up and leave if it weren’t… well… a condition that in my medical opinion, would be better treated lying down in bed for the rest of the day.”

“I promise to take her right home,” Mulder chimed. “As soon as I know she’s resting, I’ll be right back and ready to take excellent notes.”

They could practically see the wheels turning in Skinner’s head, debating on whether or not to believe their story.

“Well, you do look a little flushed.” Walter finally said.

“I thought so, too,” Mulder agreed, placing a hand on Scully’s forehead. “She certainly feels hot.”

Scully felt a surge of electricity through her body at his innocent touch, starting at her head and ending right at the junction of her thighs.

“Please,” she protested, becoming agitated and clutching her stomach. “I’m really not feeling well.”

Skinner took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger, sighing rather audibly.

“All right. But don’t make me regret this, Agents.”

He opened the door and let them out into freedom. They walked in silence to Mulder’s car and swiftly made their way inside.

“Not feeling well?” he teased as he started up the car. “Did Dana Scully just lie to her boss?”

“Not at all,” she countered with a glint in her eye. “I’m feeling a little… tensed up. And therefore a little out of sorts. Think you can help take care of that?”

The tires squealed as Mulder peeled out onto the street.

* * * *

Mulder made a mental note to write a letter to the Olympic Commission and suggest that clothing removal be entered as an official event. In ten seconds flat, both he and Scully had stripped down to nothing. But there was no savoring of the view as their nude bodies were melded together just as tightly as their mouths.

Her hands were planted firmly on the back of his head, pulling him down for better access to his lips and tongue. His palms were flat against her bottom, pushing her wet center up and into his hard cock. She growled into his mouth and swiveled her hips against him, sending a blinding wave of pleasure through them both.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, his eyes piercing her with want and desire. She met his gaze, even as she felt his right hand move down between them, his left now roughly kneading the flesh of her buttocks. She hissed when his middle finger found her sensitive bundle of nerves, already throbbing from the previous friction.

“Jesus, you’re so wet,” he breathed, sliding his fingers down to her opening, then back up, over and over.

She lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around his thigh as best she could, begging for more with the simple change in position. He took her cue and plunged two slender digits into her opening, his thumb coming to rest on her clitoris. He watched in silent awe as her eyes clamped shut and her head flung back before him. Her lips were parted as she breathed, short shallow breaths as he fucked her with his fingers. He took advantage of her exposed neck and fused his mouth at the skin of her jugular, licking and kissing and biting. She bucked her
hips against his hand when he first bit down and his cock twitched with jealousy. She must have felt it because she brought her head back up to look at him, her eyes glazed and her skin flushed.

“No more,” she panted. “You…. in me… please.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. He flung them to the bed, she landing first with him coming to rest on top of her. She cradled him between her legs, pulling her knees up as high as she could towards her chest. He hovered above her, his arms holding his weight, and seemed almost hesitant to go any further.

“It’s okay,” she coaxed and reached down to his hips with her small hands in encouragement.

He guided himself inside her slowly and they both cried out at the sheer pleasure of it. He retreated only slightly, then advanced back inside, creating a soft rhythm until her body became used to the sudden invasion. He looked down at her inviting breasts below him and couldn’t resist bending his head and latching onto the left nipple. She cried out and arched her back beneath him, urging her flesh even further into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around her nipple until it hardened to the point of pain, then sucked in into his mouth until his cheeks hollowed. He bit down then, lightly but firmly, and she bucked up against him once again.

“My Scully likes to be bitten, doesn’t she?” he acknowledged out loud.

She barely nodded, concentrating more on writhing beneath him with insistence. He sped up his hips and met her thrusts with his own, more powerful because of his leverage. It wasn’t long before he felt his orgasm on the horizon.

“So. Close… Scully.”

She moved one hand between them in response was just about to help herself along when he pushed her hand to the side.

“Let me do that.” he panted and she willingly obliged.

He rubbed his finger against her clit furiously, back and forth until he felt it swell even more beneath it. Paired with his deep, hard plunges into her, she reached her limit and let her orgasm take over. Her body became rigid and pushed against him, her muscles contracting around him as he still moved within her.

He followed within a few minutes and a few fevered thrusts, and cried out as he came, the sensation more powerful than he had ever imagined it could be. He collapsed on top of her, both of them silent as they tried to catch their breath. He went to move from her, but she held him down with all of her limbs wrapped around him still and he reveled in the feeling just a little while longer.

“Mulder?” she said, her voice muffled under his shoulder just a little.

She relaxed her body and let him fall next to her, easing out of her carefully before doing so. He gathered her up in his arms and held her against him protectively.


“Do you still have that paper we were writing on today?”

“Yeah. It’s in the car.”

She sighed contentedly and let her eyes close and reopen again languidly. This was the best thing on Earth, she was certain.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I want keep it,” she said as she sat up next to him. “Frame it or something. It’s like a certificate of advancement from one level of human interaction to the next. It’s undeniable proof that we are in fact two normal human beings with normal wants and desires that surfaced in a moment of time when the ordinary and mundane events of life were so overwhelming in their ordinariness. You might be “Spooky” Mulder and I might be “Mrs. Spooky”, but that doesn’t make us any different from anyone else and it was only a matter of time
before the mutual physical attraction would surface and intercourse would take place.”

“Oh, Scully, I love it when you talk dirty,” Mulder responded with a huge grin. “Now…How about that shower we talked about?”