Title: Reverence
Author: TLynn
Keywords: MSR, 2nd person POV
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: These stories I write are just scripts for my action figures, nothing more. The real Mulder and Scully belong to CC, 1013, David, and Gillian.
Thanks: To my betas on this one: The lovely Robin, the talented Avalon, and the stunning Char. I love you all, ladies!
Dedication: This is my “punishment fic” for IWTB — this one’s for all of my listmates there.

* * * *

You find yourself trembling as you stare out the window, watching soft rain fall to the hot asphalt. The hotel room is thick with humidity; the moist air flows in from the open balcony that overlooks a beach landscape. You pull open the top of your robe and let it hang off of your nude shoulders. Your moist skin rejoices as it is freed from the confines of the thin cotton.

He inhales sharply behind you, and you tremble even more.

His energy fights the muggy atmosphere for dominance and wins, and you’re not sure whether you should feel as stimulated as you do. It’s a dangerous energy, unbridled and menacing even as you
feel the soft touch of his hands on your waiting flesh.

He wants to own you tonight. And you want to be owned.

He pulls you against him roughly and growls his desires in your ear. You stroke yourself against him in response, a silent invitation to ravage you as he sees fit. He reaches around your small waist and unties your robe, removing the offending garment and tossing it aside. Your searing bodies meet again you gasp in surprise when you realize he is unclothed behind you and. You feel him push against you ardently, his throbbing erection resting heavily atop the swell of your bottom, and a wet warm flow escapes from between your legs.

You try to turn and face him, but he holds you in place easily and forces you to remain still. He leans down and places his tongue on your neck, lapping and tasting the salty flesh. You lean your head to the side, presenting a wider expanse of yourself, and yield to his hunger. You cry out when you feel his teeth bite down, surely marking you for days to come. The thought of a temporary brand excites you even further.

“Now, Mulder,” you breathe.

He presses you into the window, the pane of cool glass a welcome sensation to your overheated body. You stare out at the pounding waves as he parts your legs from behind and thrusts into you
sharply. His cock stretches you to capacity and you are grateful he remains still for just a few moments while your body adjusts to his intrusion. You feel him throbbing inside of you; that alone is almost enough to bring you to orgasm.

He begins to rock his hips against you, and you revel in the sensation of his hard flesh pulling out of you, only to be slammed back inside with sensuous force. One of his hands snakes up and latches onto your left breast in a tight grip, the other reaching down to clutch at your hip. He manipulates your body to move in opposition to his own, resulting in superlative contact with each thrust. He fucks you harder than any of your previous lovers. You will realize later that he also fucks you with a stronger love than you’ve ever known.

His head falls down to yours, and he places his open mouth on the nape of your neck. You hear each grunt, each gasp, and each cry that comes out of his mouth and revel in the pleasure he takes from your body. His plunges become quicker as you gasp again in surprise when you feel his callused fingers reach down and trail through the wiry curls of your sex to rub against your clit. The sensations are overwhelming and within seconds you feel your legs weaken as your climax begins to overtake you. He supports you still with an arm around your waist, and his fingers ride it out with you. He slows his strokes inside you until you recover completely, his lips blowing a stream of cool air onto your neck.

But his hips speed up again quickly, and you brace your body for the onslaught that is sure to come. His hands fall to your waist once again and grab on as he immerses himself within you. His movements become erratic and uneven; you know there are only seconds to go. With his last thrust, his strangled cry fills your ears, and your eyes glide shut in utter bliss as he releases himself inside of you.

A thin layer of sweat glistens over both of your bodies, pressed together and leaning against the steamed glass. His chest heaves against you as he breathes in and out deeply and you can feel the rapid beat of his heart against your back. You welcome his weight against you, the security it provides indisputable, and you mourn its loss as he straightens up. You level up as well and turn to face him. He doesn’t stop you this time, and you are finally allowed to see his beautiful face.

His mouth turns up into a small smile at your gaze, and you can’t resist the urge to touch your lips to his. You stand on your tiptoes and curl your arm around his neck, pulling his head down until your mouths meet in the first true taste of each other that night. He knows you adore his mouth and relinquishes control as you caress his bottom lip with your tongue. You deepen the kiss before long, however, impatient for more of his unique flavor. His tongue meets yours in a long, gentle embrace and you part only when it is necessary for air.

His hand reaches for yours, his fingers intertwining with your own, and he leads you with him over to the turned-down bed. You crawl onto the cool sheets first and feel the bed dip further as he quickly joins you and lands to rest on his back. You lay beside him, your head on his shoulder and leg draped over his thigh, his hand finding its place on the curve of your hip.

Moments pass, silence in the air. You look past him to the window again and see that the rain has stopped and the evening sun has begun its slow descent into the ocean. You feel his eyes and look up, meeting hazel depths filled with nothing but love.

“I don’t know about you, Scully, but I think we need to put in for a transfer,” he says. “The sea air seems to have quite an effect on us.”

You smile and nod in agreement, kissing him lightly on the jaw before resting your head down on his shoulder again. Fleeting thoughts of a cool shower together enter your mind, but your eyelids are heavy, reluctant to be deterred from closing completely. The gradually deepening breathing beneath you tells you that your prospective shower partner has fallen asleep already, anyway.

Taking his cue, you relax against him and succumb to a peaceful sleep.